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She Is Wrath


A mother is beautiful.
She is a nurturing, vibrant display of the beauty of the
Creator. She loves, loving with a passion that forfeits
self care for the protection and well being of her young
ones. Her joy outshines a million suns, and patches up
a broken heart like a severe wound protected from the
harm of the elements.
She is beautiful. Beautiful in her laugh, and ravishing
in her smile. She laughs over her children. She plays
with them. She feeds them.
She watches over them while they sleep, and she enjoys.

A mother hurts. She is a crying, display of the pain of the
Creator. She wants to love, but doesnít want to hurt
anymore. They disregard. They abuse. They abuse
themselves. They want whatever they can gain from
worldly pleasures. They want their motherís heart.
They want not her heart for love. They want it for
their evil purposes.

A mother is beaten. She is a wounded display of the
pain of the Creator.

This mother is THE MOTHER! She is mother earth.
She is sad.
She is violated.
She is angry!
Hear the thunder of the raging storms as they race
across the oceans.
She is WRATH!!!

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