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My Life


           My life is but a dream;
               when I'm awake I seem
                           to be unseen.
     When Iím asleep it seems to be great;
         even when I'm with my mate.

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Short and sweet. Lovely.........                                   -  Samantha   10/15/05

So much said in so few words. Beautiful.                                 - Annie  4/14/06

Lovely... nice... simple. Expresses our life.                      - Sara Yousri   4/19/06

Short and moving.                                                            - Marjan   11/4/06

Hey.....my name is Brooke Gray, too!!! Yay!                   -  Brooke Gray   1/10/07

Thatís my name,too. hahahahaha....... Cute poem.           - Brooke Gray  9/7/07

Thatís my name, too!! Did I write this poem...........?                                                                                                                      - Brooke Gray  12/4/07

Very moving...                                                     -  Karen & Brooke 12/4/07

Sweet, simple, and moving......                                       -  Thomas G. 4/3/08

Wait a second!! My name is Brooke Gray, too! This is scary.

-  Brooke Gray   8/27/08

From the Admin: No more comments on the name, please. Critiques and reviews of the poem will be appreciated

                                                                                                                                       Dear Brooke, your poem is very short but full of beauty. It is great!

- Mahsa  12/15/08


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