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Hope Havard Erekosima

Hope Havard Erekosima was born on August 2, 1979, in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. His journey into the world of arts began as a singer and later a song writer. His breakthrough in poetry came when in the year 2000 his poem 'Court of Love’ caught the attention of his friends in the University, where Business Administration was his major.

Hope says, “The desire to know the rudiments of literary arts led me to an institution, 'Flet Futt Speech School', where the late Naphtali Tope Brown helped me cultivate a dream that has brought me thus far. My first collection of poems ‘Silent Whispers’ is just about to be released where you will find my poem ‘Fallen’ and many more.”

At present Hope is involved in R&D for some firms and in social work where he helps rebuild confidence in members of his constituents (YOUTHS). He is also a guest columnist in 'Apple', a motivational magazine, and also the president of a body of poets, 'Seaview Poetry', in Port Harcourt.

He adds, “I love life, and as much as lies within my power I protect its values. I am a man with a desire to see my world smile.”


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