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Present world countries still believe in the notion of territories and hermetic borders.

Borders are an invention of man, and the crawling globalization does not care about them.

It advances with a giantís steps.

If this globalization is ineluctable, should it be shaped as an imposition, domination?

Or should it follow the other alternative? That of taking the shape of a restructuring of the planet on the basis of each countryís capacities, specificities and virtues in order to make a synthesis out of them?

Here, each country remains individually responsible to the rest of the world within the limits of its ability.

History shows us that a new organization or an all new system has its setbacks.

Certainly, globalization is a new system to be instituted. But this unavoidable system, will it be able to avoid dehumanization of people which is the essence of any system?

For it is true that, miscalculated actions, risk creating in the long term:



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